To hippo or not to hippo- that isn't even a question!

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Let's cut straight to the chase here. We know the question you're dying to ask is, what's so special about StoreHippo? There are about a gazillion e-commerce platforms out there, right?
Right. It's also true that most of them use age-old technology, where the pages move dragging their arms as if they have all the time in the world. But they actually miss out on a lot there, because one second delay in page load time results in 10% less customer conversion! Now the Hippo- au contraire to the image the name might conjure in your mind's eye- is LEAN and MEAN. Literally, MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Now what in the world do these mean? Let the Hippo explain:
Node.js is, indisputably, the most scalable framework. What it means for your customers is simple: faster and consistent performance under heavy load. So the pages will load in a flash irrespective of how much memory you have loaded it with.
MongoDB means freedom from the shackles of rigid SQL databases. This makes it easy for you to add new features, and extend the platform.
AngularJS allows you to shift the control to FrontEnd. What it means for the end user is, it gives her/him more control and allows customisation at a level that is not possible on other platforms.

So, in a nutshell-

State of the Art Technology (StoreHippo)
  Decade Old Technology Stack (StoreDoomed)
Blazing Fast Performance- Just check out some of the stores hosted by us, and be impressed!
  Performance Limited by Technology- Speed really does talk, right? You must remember being frustrated by some of these pages while trying to make a quick purchase?
Truly Mobile Ready- Our mobile first architecture allows us to make your store more ‘app’ening; i.e, we can create mobile apps from your store.
  Pseudo Mobile Ready-
They don’t go all the way. Only their look and feel is mobile ready and not really the performance.
Extensible Backend-  
Allows us to add any customised functionality quickly, thereby enriching the user experience.
  Rigid Fixed backend-
Makes it a migraine-inducing task to make even the simplest changes to the backend.
Complete Customisation-
We have moved the control from system to the user so that they can customise it in as many ways as they want. They can virtually design their own world out there!
  Limited Control and Customisation possible-
Thereby lessening the user experience.
There, we have presented our case; now it’s up to you to take the easy decision. May the blessings of the Hippo be with you!

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Poor service ordered on 19 oct out. of 4 only. only 3. Products recieved after 20 days given so many mails. But no respose

Nov 03, 2016

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My order I'd: OID 1093 has not yet been delivered since 1 or 2 months. I have tried mailing and contacting you since then but haven't received any mail. Kindly revert back fast or I'll have to take strict action.

Oct 12, 2016

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I have a request that you should bring some new design t shirt

Sep 13, 2016

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